Sunday, 20 June 2010

AfroCaribbean Opera | World Tour

Gates to Intent

We need more education.
What is your intent?

We need more love.
What is your intent?

We need more understanding.
What is your intent?

We need more clean water.
What is your intent?

We need more money.
What is your intent?

We need to ask the right questions.
What is your intent?

Intend to be brilliant.

Tomorrow and forever and ever.

Awomen, Amen.

JP. 2010

So.....What is my intent today?

What do I intend to do on this very day? Well maybe we can change a few things around a little...just maybe.

I understand we have wonderful singers on the Continent of Africa and throughout the Caribbean. Why don't we ask for an Opera to be written and created and performed worldwide.

Let us start at the Milan Opera House and move to Paris and then London and finally ending up in Sydney. Let us put pressure on the main vein of high culture. I, personally know that Prince Baba Tunde Epega loves Opera and he spoke on an LA radio interview as having been to an Opera in Lagos last time he was there.

Let us make the impossible....POSSIBLE.

The idea is to find those that write..not words but notes from the many countries of Africa and the Caribbean. To find those that sing and love to listen and sing. We need to have an all black cast from Africa and the Caribbean. We must find those that write music.

Write not about 'Slavery' or such that those listening, dressing up in their monkey-suits and paying $200 plus for their comfortable seats, so they may think less of the AfroCaribbean but write about love, lust, envy and success of a Continent and the magic of the Islands. Write about positivity and shine through the words written, in song and play through the positive notes written. Once created and appreciated the Africans and the Caribbean's will create an Opera Renaissance globally. This should be our approach to the world. As leaders rather than followers.

Who can write music and would like to write an Opera?

Who can sing?

Who would like to sing an Opera?

Artists awake, awaken yourselves to the possibilities of all those on your side...rather than be excluded.

What is my intent?

Well, today I just thought it may be a good idea for my blog to suggest otherwise and see what happens?

Why not and tomorrow we will find the best Opera Singers throughout Africa and the Caribbean....Why Not? There are plenty.

We need to be in contact with Masman, Peter Minshall of Trinidad. Let us look at the mask once more. An unveil a positive different cultural face to the world.

This will be successful. World wide and the world will ask for more Operas to be written and so write more. But ensure that every Capital City within Africa and the Caribbean are ready for others to descend and return with their touring Opera Company so start to build Opera Houses from Accra to Nairobi. Cairo to Jo'Burg.

Opera is a commodity like GOLD, DIAMONDS, PLATINUM, COBALT or OIL.

Listen to the voices and see the true VALUE.

African and Caribbean Architects awake and think of building an Opera House for your Capital.

Opera Architectural Project Next Week...with Berend van der an overseer....check him out on Twitter....or see his website:

Archiafrika |

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This is an excellent idea.

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