Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Tail of the Buffalion, Part 3.... :-)

So where have we gone? And where are we going with this merry tale of ours, of the Buffalion and her tail of tales. So we have started again and again from the beginning to the end. It is all about the fingers happily tapping away on the keys. We started again and what we need to do is grab our Buffalion’s attention. How can we possibly survive in the belly of this beast?

There is food a plenty and ample to eat we will never again go hungry. We will feast for years to come inside the belly of this beautiful beast. What happens if we tickle her rids, will she laugh or will she bite? Look we can move, we can now move, move from the stomach to the ribs and start to tickle and tickle her hard to make her smile. To make her laugh out loud. We reach up with our fingertips and start to tickle and tickle away we go. We tickle her rids on the right side then tickle her ribs on the wrong side and she bursts out laughing, laughing to every tickle, we tickle, she chuckles, we tickle some more.

We are running out of oxygen, breathless and hot in the belly of this strange but beautiful beast. We can’t breathe. We need air, oxygen or air. Do you care? Buffalion we need to breathe care for us. Care for us p l e a s e!!

To our surprise she raws, “Jump into my lungs dear boys. Jump into my lungs.” This Buffalion can talk? This Buffalion talks the talk and walks the walk, what can’t this Buffalion do? So we jump into her lungs and take our fill of air, oxygen and air. Do you care? We can breathe again and again once more again.

How do we thank her for giving us air, oxygen and air, do you care?  We must stroke her heart as a thankyou. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being our best Buffalion ever. Give thanks and praise to the Buffalion, give thanks and praise. She feels our praise and winks. Winks on the right side then winks on the left side. The light is broken twice in order for us to know she has felt our thanks and praise.

The views are dark in the belly of the beast. We want to see so much more than the darkness we see all around us. Let us make our way to her eyes. Make way, make way. We are coming to see what you see. To see what the Buffalion sees on a regular basis. What wonderment and beauty does the beast see on a day to day basis, what could she be watching? What could she be seeing from her wide-eyed Buffalion vision? What me thinks….to be continued..

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