Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ready to be Found!

I would like your opinion on a poem I just wrote about being found against being chosen. It's not anti-Semitic rather anti-Elitist, anti-Establishment. The idea one must prepare oneself to be found and when found we must be ready. Only when ready can we be found. When we are ready we can look for those to find us. That is the idea anyway. So to artists world wide package yourselves up rather than wait to be packaged. Groom yourselves for greatness rather than be groomed. The future should be in your hands not others. I have found some amazing artists from a glorious Continent. They have groomed themselves magnificently and I have tried to express that through this blog. The future is with you. I would gladly work, write and befriend anybody who's ready to be found.

Amen, Awomen!

We want to talk about the 'Found People'. The people who have found these words.
You have found us and we have found you. And we find you delightful!
Together we are ‘Found’. Together we will never disregard; we-were bound.

The chosen people be-gone! Let bygones be bygones go and be-gone.
Chosen no more! For the ‘Found’ are finding freedom and are ready to be found.
Found all around, those that were gagged, battered, beaten are-being-found.
Choose to leave quietly. Choose to be friendly, make the right choice. Just leave.

You have been Chosen but you were never our choice. We would never choose you.
For you are our nenemy. Our number one and never forgotten enemy.
Busy sucking up, snorking cocaine, drinking champagne. Well Charlie: You’re FIRED!
So be-gone. Be-gone, be-gone. Before you go be-gone. For goodness sake, be-gone.

Something’s in the air. Something’s in the air that is fair. Can you smell it? Taste it.
Something’s swirling in atmosphere. Something is turning, making us to care.
Something’s in the air. Something’s in the air that is fair. Can you see it? Touch it.
Something’s there, something’s fair. Sweet smelling something is in the at-most-fair.

Relax, breathe in, breathe out, we’ve won. Take a breath of fresh air and breathe in.
Gasp and gulp, hydrate to rejuvenate, never ere living, never air seeing before. ........
Filling our lungs up to bursting. Basking in victory and asking for nothing at all.
The future is ours to build. Waste not a day in constructing. Waste not and want not.

Taste the joy of success. Taste the thrill of winning. Taste the bliss of being found.
We have waited for this moment forever. Snort up this new clean air blowing.
Hallelujah we have been found rather than chosen. Finally we are the 'Found People'
sounding joyful and happy for the new unbound found, finding ourselves fantastic.

Awomen, Amen!

© Joe Forpope, 2010

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