Monday, 19 May 2008

Chris Ofili | The Art of Social Inclusion

Chris Ofili an artist that needs no introduction who became famous with his elephant dung featured at the Sensation Exhibition at the Royal Academy in the 1990's. The first English artist to source his material from London Zoo, Regents Park, London.
Chris Ofili is amongst the artists featured in Chris Spring's book "Aganza Afrika".

What is interesting about Chris' work is that it is not voyeuristic but more participatory; similar to the idea of Byzantine art of the 12th Century where the work was produced in order to include the audience Chris is making the transition away from the Renaissance view, which leads the audience to view works as if through a window and consequently becomes more dictatorial. In many ways Chris' work has a social inclusion about it and can be enjoyed by all.

Here is a short interview with Chris Ofili about his work entitled, The Upper Room.

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